New Membership Form


New Membership Form

There are no fees for membership. However, a $50 donation would be greatly appreciated and will help defray our annual operating costs.

(Note: New Badges Require a Donation.)

After submitting this form your request will go to the Houston Area Coating Society Membership email. Upon approval you will receive a email confirming your membership with the Houston Area Coating Society. If you wish to donate $50 for your official membership badge which gives you perks such as a ticket for a exclusive Badge Holder and extra raffle at our monthly meetings look below at this form.

If you donate for the badge you will receive it usually at the next monthly meeting. (Depending on how close to the next meeting you donate.) Any further questions please feel free to email ( support email goes here)

New Membership Application



This is for New Members, this is a voluntary donation of $50 that assists the Coating Society of the Houston Area in funding events and yearly scholarships. Upon donating you will also receive a name badge that you can wear to the meetings and other events for bonus perks. If you have any questions about membership please email


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